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Fireside Red $10.99 --Dry- Premium red wine. Full bodied with medium tannins.
   Devil's Rouge  $9.99  -- A terrific Concord blend. This wine is our best seller!
   Chambourcin  $8.99  -- Semi-Dry - This wine is earthy with lush berries. It is an "everyday" red wine.
   Chardonnay  $11.99  -- Your classic dry white wine.
   Sweet Niagara  $8.99  -- Sweet & very popular!
   White Zinfandel  $9.99 -- A semi-sweet high powered blush wine with hints of black cherry.
   Pink Catawba  $8.99  -- This sweet wine is an Ohio river classic.
   Rosette  $8.99  -- A semi-sweet light bodied blush wine.